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Sound equipment (updated 23 August 2005)
Integrated console containing;
Formula Sound FSM600 Mixer
B&W Solid console foldback monitors (2)
Custom built 19" PCs (2) comprising:
766MHz Celeron Processor
Marian Marc4 Digi Sound cards
76.8GB HDD
Integrated UPS
Sony 15" LCD Monitors
Alcatech BPM Studio4
Peer to peer networking
BlueTooth wireless networking

Allen & Heath GL4000 40ch mixing desk
Quad 520f console foldback amplifier
Martin Audio MX2 active crossover
C Audio SR707 amplifier (2)
Martin Audio CT2 top/mid (4)
Martin Audio CTX sub bass (4)
6000+ CD tracks
C Audio SR606 amplifier (back-up)

Lighting equipment (updated 4 August 2002)
Slick Litebeam Trussing (up to 30' by 12')
Martin MAC250 automated heads (4)
Martin Roboscan Pro518 (250w version) (6)
Martin Roboscan Pro218 (2)
Martin Minimac moving heads (4)
Coemar Comet 400w MSD centrepiece
Coemar Cosmos Balls (2)
Thomas 10 way PAR16 'audience blinders' (2)
Mode Arcline strobe tubes (12)
UV flourescent battens (2)
JEM Technohaze haze generator
Dell Latitude Laptop, running:
Martin LightJockey2 (512 DMX channels)
Pulsar Status 6x10A switchpack
Single and three phase mains Distribution
The number ONE mobile discotheqe

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